Anona Trade Ltd. is a Bulgarian producer of fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables. The establishment of our company has been inspired by the belief of healthy food future. We are focused on supplying the food manufacturing market. For the past 20 years we have won the recognition of a loyal partner to leading Bulgarian and European companies in the field of food manufacturing, food service and retail industry.We work with the motivation to do everything possible to meet your business needs for tasty and healthy frozen fruits and vegetables up to your quality standards and give you the security of regular supplies at fixed price to assist and facilitate your production planning.

/Board of Directors/

What is our inspiration…

We are keen on delicious and healthy food! We are pleased to see the trends in health consciousness, nutrition awareness and increased demand for wholesome convenient prepared meals. That is why we produce frozen fruits and vegetables with IQF technology that preserves vitamins and taste so we can enjoy the healthy nutrition even off-season.

We are inspired to offer products that will improve your brand!

What we do for our clients…

We understand that the greater the competition of private labels gets, the greater the importance of building a partnership becomes. We are ready to support and assist you by reducing supply volatility with guaranteed supplies at fixed prices minimizing supply costs and assisting your production planning.

  • We offer competitive prices.
  • We can produce following your specification.
  • We can pack according to your requirement under the label you prefer.
  • We can store for you and deliver on time.
  • We provide freshly frozen fruits and vegetables as we are situated in an ecologically clean region with vast farmland area.
  • We have important network of contacts so we can source and storage other top quality frozen fruit and vegetables from countries all over the world.