Canned fruits and vegetables

Quality starts on the field!

Bulgaria is a country well known with its traditional recipes for pickles, compotes, marmalades and cans that are passed through the generations. Almost every family has an enthusiastic grandma who is fallowing the traditionto make „food for the winter“.  Unfortunately, the busy schedule of the modern lifestyle is leaving these traditions in the past.

In the year of 2014 we are trying to find as much grandmas‘ recipes as we can, we are cooking them, tasting them and combining the best of each one, trying to create the perfect one.

Canned vegetables

Our canned vegetables are generally processed upon harvest when their nutritional content is highest. Preferably first-class vegetables grown only in open fields are processed. The raw material is cleaned, washed and cut and subsequently blanched or steamed. It is then led to the filling line where it is packed in containers, hermetically sealed and pasteurized. After cooling, the container is labeled.

Our company has been producing canned products since 1996. The strategic location of our first factory provided a convenient railroad to the Russian market.

Only for 3 years the company export has increased from 15 000  to 1 000 000 number of glass jars annually.

Consumer fruits or vegetables can be packed in glass jars of 50 to 1,000 ml up to 5,000 ml. with our own label or under the private label of the importer, wholesaler or supermarket. Industrial canned fruits and vegetables that can be repacked or reused later are packed in 1 to 5 litre containers.